Technology can be a sea of complexity and unpredictability

Our Name

is drawn from the worlds of surfing and sailing, and represents our ability to excel in the face of tough challenges. In surfing, Third Reef refers to a spot at Hawaii's notorious Banzai Pipeline that breaks only on the biggest, most dangerous swells. Likewise, offshore sailors will often install a Third Reef on their mainsail to allow them to dramatically downsize their sail area in the face of extreme winds. In both instances, if you're at the Third Reef, you're at the edge. And that's where we thrive...

solving problems that push technology to its breaking point.

Our Work

has just begun. We are knee deep in several internal projects, but look forward to working with wise organizations shortly. While our internal work is still in stealth-mode, we can at least tell you a bit about how it's being built: Haskell throughout the back-end and ClojureScript on the front-end. This stack helps us live up to the principles described below.

Stay tuned... you'll be glad you did.

We craft principled software that is...