Third Reef
helps clients navigate

strategy & Technology

questions like:

How can we decrease revenue loss across our customers' journey?

How can technology help us rapidly adapt when facing strategic shifts?

How can we integrate current investments with new technology?

How can we scale our offerings to serve more customers?

How can we pay down our technical debt?

Third Reef Partners is...

a user-focused technology consultancy that unites design and technical expertise to achieve business goals. We partner with our clients to help them reduce complexity and improve performance, from clean, easy to use interfaces to high-scalability infrastructure. Whether in an advisory capacity or as your production team, Third Reef Partners remains focused on your goals from start to finish.

Our Approach

Third Reef helps clients with two primary types of projects: strategy consulting and technology implementation. For all projects, we begin with a discovery phase, which culminates in delivery of an actionable recommendations report. This enables us to learn to work together in a low risk, high reward environment that gives both parties a blueprint for achieving the goals you bring to us.