We are advocates for our clients and their customers, helping to create business value through intelligent application of technology. Our fundamental goal is your customers' success.

Third Reef is technology strategy.

Our brand is built around business and customer centric technology consulting, in advisory and implementation roles. We take our role as your trusted technical advisor seriously, and commit to improving our clients' performance. Our perspective on technology is rooted in decades of experience, not the latest framework fads or vendor whitepapers. We aim always to arrive at solutions that are simple, clear and achieve business goals as directly and quickly as possible.

Our Name

The name Third Reef refers to the point at which experience, expertise and skill dictate whether you emerge alive. In the world of surfing, only the largest and most dangerous waves break on the Third Reef. In the world of sailing, sails are reefed progressively as wind strength increases; the Third Reef point is typically required in situations so extreme that most yachts do not have it. In both circumstances, the situation is critical and favors only those who are prepared and competent.

At Third Reef Partners, we take technical and strategic problems of this nature head-on and with confidence.

Our Logo

One interpretation of our logo is the swell arriving at the Third Reef, coming in at an angle and peeling down the reef. However, our logo includes a deeply geeky easter egg: the lambda symbol, an homage to lambda calculus, one of the basic theoretical frameworks that formalizes computation. There are other equally valid theories of computation, but our affinity is with lambda calculus due to its elegant simplicity and influence on the field of functional programming languages.

While the average programmer is unlikely to care much about lambda calculus in its raw form, all of technology has felt the benefit of the ideas it brought to light. Examples abound: the map/reduce architecture that emerged from Google to ignite the big data revolution; many highly available, distributed systems like WhatsApp rely on functional technologies; and nearly every mainstream programming language now treats functions as first-class. To us, this idea underscores the power and beauty of simplicity when properly applied to complex problems.