On Strategy Discovery

See how Third Reef uses design thinking to help you better meet customer needs.

Strategic projects are about mapping a path to a particularly business goal, followed by iterative execution of that plan in order to deliver results. Our discovery phase examines the following areas to build that map.

General Ledger Evaluation.

The most essential metric for business success is profit, so we begin by learning how your business makes money. By understanding the relative importance of the levers that increase and decrease your top and bottom lines, we lay the groundwork for evaluating decisions based on their financial impact.

Customer Journey Mapping.

Customers enable profit, so our next step is to examine the types of customers your business serves and learn about their goals when interacting with you. For each of these goals, we map out all touchpoints between your organization and your audience, and conduct research and analytics review to determine the success of these touchpoints.

Revenue Impact Quantification.

Now that we understand the customer experience your organization presents and how it relates to your cashflows, we can quantify the financial impact of outcomes at each touchpoint. Based on this, we can prioritize opportunities for improvement by magnitude of impact to return on investment, and devise key performance indicators to track the success of recommendations.

Competitive Landscape Survey.

With a revenue-derived understanding of your business's touchpoints, we get our heads outside the boat to see how other organizations are optimizing outcomes in similar scenarios. After identifying those organizations that improve a given touchpoint, we identify each strategy deployed by these organizations and evaluate why it is successful, looking for further opportunities to improve.

Strategy Recommendations.

With a clear picture of where to change technology to change financial position, we draw on decades of software engineering and interface design experience to provide expert opinions on the optimal way to alter your technology portfolio at each key touchpoint to improve outcomes.

The outcome of a strategy engagement is a board-ready argument in favor of our recommended strategies with consideration of the market in which you operate. From there, we can transition to a client advocate role in overseeing implementation of these efforts.

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