Strategy begins with awareness

Third Reef unites user/customer focus with deep technical expertise to help you see down the line.

Organizations that don't effectively employ technology as part of their core business strategy get left behind in today's economy. Third Reef helps you understand the technical playing field on which you operate, partners with you to create an informed strategy, and advocates on your behalf with vendors and stakeholders. Our consulting approach blends deep, hands on technical expertise with a focus on user/customer experience optimization to achieve business goals. We draw on this to help clients with a diverse range of challenges, including:

Technical Expertise

Experience building high quality technical solutions gives Third Reef the knowledge necessary to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your technical landscape from a variety of perspectives. By lifting the hood to understand the architectural foundations of your technology portfolio, we can show you how a solution lacks fit, is outdated, or poses risks in other ways. Technical skill also enables seeing potential for value innovation by combining elements of your portfolio in ways that may not be apparent.

User/Customer Focus

User/Customer experience is now recognized as a fundamental driver of strategy. We pair an understanding of your business model with research into your customers behavior to uncover where pain points are hurting revenue. These pain points are then examined and measured, forming a baseline against which experiments in value innovation can be conducted. This puts clients in a position to iteratively improve their performance with customers, with metrics that help determine ROI for individual changes.

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