The craft of software engineering

is Third Reef Partners' core competency. Learn how we apply decades of experience below.

Third Reef's breadth of technical background is its competitive advantage, enabling us to confidently bring your project from vague idea to live-in-production, taking-payments reality. Our team has built large-scale, mission-critical software systems from infrastructure management platforms to marketing automation tooling to recommendation engines to enterprise CMS implementations. Years of honing our craft lead to a pragmatic approach to building software that puts business value and customer experience in the driver's seat, ensuring that not only is your product well built, but also well liked by users.


Our team never shies away from challenges that require learning new or different technologies. We optimize for adaptability by hiring and partnering only with those that display a demonstrated aptitude for rapid learning. Our team has expertise in a wide range of tools:

Business and Customer Focused

At Third Reef, we ask all team members to keep two principles in mind as they execute your project plan: keep the client's business in mind by looking for opportunities to cut costs or increase profits; and act as an advocate for the customer in everything you do. These principles help craft better solutions by aligning decisions around the levers of project success. In practice, this means your team pays attention to building things correctly, asking questions like:

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